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Porn licence: ‘Unrestricted access’ or ‘Safe access’

Isn't Cameron using porn, as most people – to get a cheap, diversionary thrill. Can't the discussion of access to porn be discussed in an adult fashion?  Shouldn't the discussion use the terms of 'Unrestricted access to the net' and 'Safe … [Read More...]


Under maintenance

  We have the builders in - the site will be up and running in the near future. … [Read More...]

Thatcher showing contempt

Thatcher destroyed the country

A comment in the Independent annoyed me: Thatcher saved this country and made it relevant. Some in society hate success. Margaret Thatcher destroyed the social cohesion of the post war British society and so I felt I had to reply. Destruction … [Read More...]

news of the world closed

Was the News of the World Closed Because of Hacking

So was the closure of the News of the World, 'because of the hacking', or really a long term plan to close it anyway? I don't understand why it was closed so quickly.  It would have been easy to sack a few members of staff and keep the paper … [Read More...]

Incentive for the unemployed

Making people on benefits stack shelves

In theory this is a good thing as it does help the individual gain the experience of working and working as part of a team.  It should also give an insight into other possibilities and give a warning that if you don't actually do something about your … [Read More...]