Thatcher destroyed the country

Thatcher showing contempt

A comment in the Independent annoyed me:

Thatcher saved this country and made it relevant.

Some in society hate success.

Margaret Thatcher destroyed the social cohesion of the post war British society and so I felt I had to reply.

Destruction of thousands of small manufacturing companies.

The setting up of a deregulated financial sector which has destroyed/ is destroying the economy.

Burning off the North Sea gas to destroy the coal industry. Remember 85% gas was produced by coal when she came into power.

Selling off council houses. Not allowing councils to build more housing. and at the same time cancelling most of the laws on rent control.

The casualisation of the blue collar sector. Which in turn means more costs to the taxpayers in benefits as people are in and out of jobs. They have no pension so again need more government support when old. Jobs don’t get done properly – eg care workers are on the clock timed to the minute whereas before they had a group of clients and some control over their time.

Destruction of local control and democracy. Councils are now controlled by the Treasury – they have little freedom in their spending – eg central government even wants to control when you get your rubbish picked up.

Politicisation of the police force. Much of today’s anti-social behaviour originated in the break down of relations between the working class and the police during the strikes.

This is police attacking mothers picking up their children from school in a village called Hatfield.

This is police attacking mothers picking up their children from school in a village called Hatfield.

Loss of the concept of public service. A nurse has gone from being part of a large community to work unit, easily replaceable by someone from an agency.

The cult of the only thing important is money. ‘There is no society’ – only wealth and contempt for those with social values.

Public urination – that’s at Thatcher’s door so to speak as quality public toilets were deemed a cost, rather than a service. Remember the awards for the best public toilet?

What do you think?

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